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About My Writing and What Comes Next

Many readers want to know how it is that someone becomes a writer, so let me share my story because many of you may also aspire to be a writer or are already writers.
1. When did I start writing and why?

I started with creating picture books in elementary school, with titles like "The Longest Bridge." But once I learned to read, I started to write stories. In middle school I wrote a series of books only for friends and family called Pocket Thrillers.  They are "tales of terror that fit in your pocket," so they are quick to read.

In high school I began experimenting with novels, also only read by friends and family, a pastime that continued throughout college.  In graduate school at Seton Hill, my thesis was a middle-grade science fiction novel called Savage Jungle.

Pocket Thrillers

Stay tuned for my answers to other questions, such as

What genres do I write?
What advice can I give to aspiring writers?
Why do I write for children and young adults?
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